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AREA42 - Club Policies

     Hospitality, Integrity, and Excellence are core values which are very important to us. When welcoming you, our member, we want to make sure our relationship starts out right, and you are aware of some key facts designed to provide for the safe and enjoyable use of our facilities by you and your guest(s). These policies and guidelines apply to your conduct at AREA42, which includes access to our clubs, amenities, all outdoor areas, including parking lots, sidewalks (collectively, “premises”), or any use of AREA42’s online, mobile, or interactive offerings or websites. They also apply to your conduct during programs, activities, or events sponsored by AREA42.


     These policies and guidelines supplement those posted or otherwise provided in our clubs, on our web or mobile sites, or at our events. We may adopt guidelines applicable to a single club. In some instances, governmental laws may establish different requirements applicable to certain clubs that may not be outlined here. To the extent of a conflict with other guidelines, the more restrictive guideline applies.




     Hours and days of usage shall be subject to reasonable change(s) at the sole discretion of AREA42. Hours and amenities may vary by location. Please view the specific location of your interest on this website to see our hours and schedules. In order to ensure that AREA42 facilities are properly maintained, AREA42 reserves the right to temporarily close for no more than one week at any time during the year. AREA42 may be closed on legal holidays and for certain promotions.




       AREA42 is a “geek” club. Though children are welcome, AREA42 was not designed with children in mind. Parents must be aware that many of our games feature adult content, and members are not required to censor themselves. Since AREA42 does permit the consumption of alcohol, we are more an adult-type atmosphere. 




      In order to bring and/or consume alcohol at AREA42, you must be 21 or older and provide proof in the form of a valid identification card (issued by a state governmental agency containing your photograph, date of birth, height, gender, and color of eyes). AREA42 will not accept forms of identification that are expired, cracked, damaged, or altered in any way.





     Membership Card and Guest Pass must be presented upon entry into AREA42. Memberships can be purchased online or onsite. AREA42 staff reserve the right to require a second form of identification with current picture (i.e., driver’s license, state identification, etc.). AREA42 may require that we take a picture of you to help make the check-in process quicker, easier, and to help us protect our members.


  • Ages 18 and older:  Members can sign a contract and patron AREA42 facilities by themselves

  • Ages 15 – 17:  Parent or legal guardian must sign a contract, and then members can patron AREA42 facilities by themselves

  • Ages 14 and below:  Parent or legal guardian must sign a contract, and members can only patron AREA42 facilities with a parent or legal guardian present at all times (some restrictions and additional fees may apply. Call club for details). Not permitted to remain in facilities after 8:00 pm, unless participating in a special event/class and prior approval from AREA42 management (some restrictions and additional fees may apply. Call club for details)


    Loss or Unauthorized Use of Membership Card: You agree that the use of your membership card by anyone other than the person named hereon is prohibited, and if violated, the card will be confiscated. AREA42 reserves the right to issue a new membership card to replace your existing membership card and require you to present new membership card for admittance into AREA42. You further agree if anyone else uses your membership card, and the card is confiscated or terminated, an additional processing fee for a replacement card will be charged, accordingly:


      $10.00 - General (Monthly) Membership and Day Pass

      $50.00 - Gold (6-Month) Membership

    $100.00 - Platinum (Annual) Membership

    $100.00 - Black (VIP) Membership


    Pricing Disclaimer: We do everything we can to ensure that the prices on our and other companies’ websites are correct, and we try to keep our prices constant. Sometimes we need to change the cost of a product, either up or down.


  • Prices may be changed at any time without further notice. We reserve the right to change our product's prices at any time without further notice. However, if you have ordered but not yet paid for a product, we guarantee the price for one month from when the order was placed.


  • Prices listed on any other websites may not be accepted. We sell our products through a number of different online channels and we cannot always control when they are updated. We reserve the right not to accept a price listed on a site other than our own.




         We want our members’ guest(s) to visit AREA42 and have a safe and fun time while ensuring other members enjoy the services for which they are paying.


         With a minimum monthly recurring membership to AREA42, you will be provided two free guest passes. With a minimum six-month recurring membership to AREA42, you will be provided 12 free guest passes. With a minimum annual recurring membership to AREA42, you will be provided 24 free guest passes. Guest passes DO NOT accumulate or rollover. Guest passes expire when the card membership expires or is terminated, and cannot be redeemed thereafter.


         Guest passes may only be used by guests. The same guest may only use the facility for free once in a 6-month period and only 2 times per year, regardless of the invite(s). Guest must be 18 years of age or older, and provide proof in the form of a valid identification card. The ID must be issued by a state governmental agency containing individual’s photograph, date of birth, height, gender, and color of eyes.


         Guests are permitted inside AREA42 during normal business hours; however, must be accompanied by card member. Guest passes are not valid in conjunction with any other offers, promotions, or special events.


         With a minimum monthly membership to AREA42, you may purchase a maximum of three guest passes per visit for $2.00 each (+tax). All guests must have a guest pass. This “pass-in-hand” policy is strictly enforced. All guests must sign a policy disclaimer before using the facility.


         You may not want to be your brother's keeper, but you are responsible for the conduct of your guest(s) and the actions of your guest(s) when at AREA42. Failure to accept responsibility may result in suspension or revocation of membership privileges. If damage arises, whether property or personal injury, you are liable for all resultant costs. PLEASE NOTE: Some rules may not apply at all clubs if specific department(s) is/are not onsite.


         Guest passes are for entrance only and do not include access to locks, rentals, reservations, or other amenities. Where available, guests are encouraged to bring their own lock for day-locker usage.


         To control overcrowding, AREA42 staff reserves the right to limit the number of available guest passes for each day.




         Although we do our agreement signatures, electronically, you can read a paper copy of agreement before signing. Please ensure you get a printed copy of your signed agreement before you enroll. You may find the most recent version of these policies and guidelines at https://www.area42.club. As a member or guest of AREA42, you are responsible to review and comply with these policies and guidelines at all times. For questions, please contact Staff Member or General Manager. There is an annual fee that we bill once per year. The bill date is dependent upon when you get started with us and your agreement will have these details.


         We are working to afford our members the option of purchasing monthly, semi-annual, and annual memberships. Through this option, you will be automatically billed through a billing company. Until then, memberships can be purchased at our facility.


         Some of our service agreements have an obligation period where you are committing to the service relationship for more than just 30 days, please see your agreement for details.


         Late fees are assessed for any past dues. Please keep your billing information with us updated to minimize this from happening. We will need working billing information at least a week prior to your billing date. You can update your information with us at the facility or by contacting our customer service team (see Contact Us page).




         We are sad to see you go and hope you will return. Our goal is to make sure we finish the relationship correctly, so we do require 30 days written notice for your protection and ours. Please see the Contact Us page for a link to accomplish this.





     AREA42 is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items inside or outside of the facility.

Personal items (e.g., bags, cell phones, etc.) should be stored in a secure area, and should not be left unattended and/or visible inside any vehicle.


     Where available, lockers are provided on a per-visit basis for day-to-day use only. Locks that are not removed will be opened by AREA42 Management and the items left may be donated to a charity of AREA42’s choosing or discarded.




     We're all just looking to have a good time. Your safety and your guest’s safety is a top priority for us. Help us ensure everyone at AREA42 feels welcomed and comfortable:




  • No firearms or potential weapons permitted on the premises.


  • No throwing potentially dangerous objects.

  • No smoking or illegal drugs permitted. Any and all forms of tobacco, smokeless tobacco, electronic cigarettes, and vaporizers are also not permitted in the facility.

  • Don't tilt or lean back on chairs.

  • No horseplay that could potentially harm others - think before you act.

  • No offensive messages or pictures may be displayed that incites violence, racism, sexual assault, or xenophobia.

  • Harassment, bullying, unwanted physical contact, gesture, language, or assault of any kind WILL NOT be tolerated.*

  • Inappropriate behavior or vandalism will be grounds for ejection.

  • Food and beverages are permitted; however, we request that our members use the designated “Tavern” area to help limit damage to carpet and tables.

  • Alcoholic beverages are permitted inside AREA42 and may be consumed in common areas. Please drink responsibly. We reserve the right to restrict individual(s), who we suspect is/are under substance influence, from entry into the facility. We will not admit anyone who is clearly intoxicated.

  • No laying, sitting or standing on tables.

  • No standing on chairs or couch.

  • No throwing or kicking items at the walls or ceiling.

  • Appropriate clothing is required at all times, which includes shoes, pants (preferably secured at the waist), shirt, etc....

  • No taking pictures or video without the consent or approval of an adult.

  • No loitering is permitted. For the protection of all, please do not bring in, as your guests, individuals who are loitering outside of AREA42.

  • No soliciting is permitted.

  • Try to limit the use of profanity.

  • No excessive noise.

  • The volume on PCs and consoles should be kept at a reasonable level. Any disputes will be decided by AREA42 Staff.

  • After 6 PM, all youth under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult who is over the age of 21.

  • One adult may only supervise up to 3 youth.

  • Stereo equipment is to be used by AREA42 staff only. 




  • Usage of a cell phone is prohibited. 

  • No standing on chairs (or couch, in Quiet Room).

  • Please, be courteous to other members by keeping conversations to a minimum.




  • Absolutely no camera or video authorized for use in bathrooms.

  • Respect other people’s property.

  • Please, clean up towels and put trash in proper bins.

  • Please report any suspicious activity to management.

  • Please, do not lounge or loiter in bathrooms.




         The circulating or posting of a petition, notice, circular, or statement of any kind is prohibited in or near AREA42’s facilities, unless such a document is first submitted and approved by AREA42 management.


         The above rules and etiquette apply to your conduct at AREA42, which includes access to all amenities. Violation(s) of the above rules may result in membership and/or passes being revoked. At the discretion of AREA42 Management, we reserve the right to close the facility in order to maintain order and safety. This policy does not apply to pre-approved groups annual charity events (e.g., Extra Life and 8BitSalute). Use of facilities for charity events shall be subject to reasonable change, cancellation, or termination at the sole discretion of AREA42.










         *Harassment and discrimination are wrong and should never be tolerated. At AREA42, we have worked hard to provide an environment where all people are welcomed, respected and accepted without fear of discrimination or oppression against race, ethnicity, gender, self-identification, age, sexual orientation, religion, political affiliation, uniformed services, or physical appearance. This also includes harassment towards or initiated by any of the staff at AREA42. 

    If at any time a suspected act of discrimination or harassment has been witnessed, we encourage those involved to notify management, immediately. Pending further investigation, if a person(s) is/are suspected of engaging in harassment, management reserves the right to mandate they immediately depart the premises.

    False accusations of harassment or discrimination are also serious incidents. Likewise, if AREA42's management determines that false accusations have been made against innocent persons, management reserves the right to mandate false accuser(s) immediately depart the premises.




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