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Our Motivation

Our Brand


     At AREA42, our goal is to offer gamers and hobby enthusiasts a permanent location where they will feel welcomed, safe, and appreciated.  We want our members to feel the same sense of comfort just hearing our name and seeing our colors.


Our Name: AREA42 is a combination of "Area 51" with the number and "...the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything.*" (which any geek will tell you is 42!)


Our Colors: The truth is, as I was designing the logo, the colors just came to me! I tried other color combinations, but nothing ever seemed to fit. When I later looked up what the colors represented, I knew why they so perfectly represent both our club and members:


  • Black: Strength, Power, Professional, Accuracy, Formality, Mystery

  • Orange: Happiness, Freedom, Social, Warmth, Optimism, Friendliness, Fun

  • White: Cleanliness, Simplicity

"It’s time we had a place of our own!"

     "Our quest was to create a clubhouse uniquely designed for people who enjoy tabletop gaming, anime, Cosplay, LARP, and, yes, Furry events and activities...all things nerdy!!  We wondered why there were no permanent, affordable places where people who share these interests could spend time with like-minded people.  For every other kind of activity (i.e., fitness, sports, etc.), there seems an endless supply of clubs and outlets.  It’s time we “geeks” and “nerds” had a place of our own!


    Our vision is to have an AREA42 in every city, and eventually worldwide, where our members pay one fee for access to all locations!  Players who enjoy tabletop and "pen and paper" games (i.e., Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer, Magic: The Gathering, etc.) will be able to enjoy uninterrupted games in spacious game areas, instead of settling for wherever someplace is willing or able to fit them in.  Our computer and console gamers never need worry again about whose home can host the next LAN party?  Got a new game that you're dying to play?  Register for our next 12-Hour Marathon event and play all night!

     Fans of Cosplay, LARP, and Furry put a lot of time, money, sweat and tears into their costumes, only to leave them hanging in the closet, waiting for the next anime, comic, or furry convention to show off their amazing talent.  At AREA42, our members are encouraged to display their awesomeness as often as they wish!

     Our motivation for AREA42 is to give the often overlooked and under-appreciated "geek" communities a safe place to enjoy the things they love.  If AREA42 makes you feel welcomed and happy, then we've done our job!"


F. A. Adkins, Founder

*The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams