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Free Game Week - Oct 2 - 6, 2019

Join us for a week of fun, and see what AREA42 has to offer!

AREA42_FreeGameWeek Poster.jpg

Wed, 2 Oct: Board Games - Choose from our library! Gather your friends and join us for some board game fun! During this day’s event, we will be streaming various popular videos.

Thurs, 3 Oct: WH 40K - Paint & Take, Build Terrain, Games, Battles, and More! Warhammer 40K Paint & Take is an amateur tutorial and budget-friendly class, designed to help gamers improve their mini painting skills. Our staff at AREA42 will share some of the techniques that have worked for us to use towards building your ideal army!

· No Outside Mini’s Permitted

· 1 mini per painter (while supplies last) - First come, first pick!

· Official Warhammer Citadel paints and brushes will also be provided for use during the event.

Test your mettle! Gather your warriors and friends, and join the battlefield! Choose to play your own game or join in the fun with Tempest of Souls Board Game. Rule books and maps available for use! Streaming: Warhammer TV, 40K Theories, D6Evolution, Black Magic Craft, etc….


Fri, 4 Oct: Mini Tournaments. Gather your trading cards, PC/console...and your A-Game! Challenge your friends and others for the title of AREA42 Ultimate Champion!*



Registration Begins @ 5:00 PM

Tournament Starts @ 7:00 PM

· 3 Stock

· Items: OFF

· Mii (Any Free Avail)

· Bring Your Own Controller

· 7 Minute Matches

· No Smash Meter


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Games Available:

Town and City — Yoshi’s Story — Yoshi’s Island — Final Destination 

 Pokémon Stadium — Smashville — Battle Field — Unova Pokémon League 

Kalos Pokémon League


NOTE: Food and Beverage Permitted, but No open containers during this event


Sat, 5 Oct: Dungeons and Dragon 101. Learn the basics of this ever popular tabletop game, and then join other players on one of the many adventures! Event Topics:

· Learn the Different Classes

· General Role Play

· Character Creation (Race, Background, Statistics, Skills)

· Game Mechanics (Dice/Dice Roles)

All players for this event must use the "Point-buy" rules! 5th edition rule-books and dice sets are available for use! One-Shot Adventurers' League Mini-Campaign or DMs' Choice.


Streaming: We'll be showing popular D&D YouTube videos: Critical Role, D&D Beyond, How to D&D, Matthew Colville, world building, map drawing, advanced role-playing, dealing with TPKs and party death, etc….


Sun, 6 Oct: Anime & Cosplay.

11:00 AM - 3:00 PM: The best way to end the event is by starting this day with brunch! Seating is free, but limited. Guests Must RSVP by Sept 15, 2019 for food vouchers (2 per diner). After brunch, enjoy the rest of day!

4:00 PM - 10:00 PM: Cosplay Contest* and Photo Ops! Streaming: Crunchyroll, TeamFourStar, MaSTAR Media.

Though this event caters towards beginners and players with less experience, we welcome all levels of experienced D&D players.

Questions or Comments? Give us a Call!

(682) 276-6062