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Dungeons and Dragons 101 - Everything You Need to Know!

Quarterly, Third Saturday and Sunday

Saturday and Sunday, August 18 & 19, 2018*

12:00pm - 4:00pm: Meet, Greet, and Create! 


       Event Topics:

  • Learn the Different Classes

  • General Role Play

  • Character Creation (Race, Background, Statistics, Skills)

  • Game Mechanics (Dice/Dice Roles)


All players for this event must use the "Point-buy" rules!  5th edition rule-books and dice sets are available for use while you play at AREA42!

5:00pm - 10:00pm: One-Shot Adventurer's League Mini-Campaign or DMs' Choice

In the Theater: We'll be showing YouTube videos by Game Master from Critical Role, Matthew Mercer - includes Dungeon Master/Game Master tips, world building, map drawing, advanced roleplaying, dealing with TPKs and party death, etc....

*Schedule will be the same for both days and all experience levels!

1-Day Pass


2-Day Pass


Though this event caters towards beginners and players with less experience, we welcome all levels of experienced D&D players.

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*NOTE: We are not a retail store, nor do we sell or permit the sale of products; therefore, any TCG events at AREA42 are not sanctioned by Wizards of the Coast. Also, while we recognize that some events and activities have adult-themes, any game determined to encourage hatred, racism, or violence or involves gambling is not permitted on premises.

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