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Anime (おたく/オタク)

   Of course, one of our many goals is to offer our members a variety of anime.  Our theater is available from open until close, with a variety of anime we're sure every member can enjoy!
   We will do everything within our power to provide a wide selection of anime for your viewing pleasure.  On average, movie selections will run for two weeks.  If you miss your favorite show, don't worry! Just let our staff know and we'll let you know when it's scheduled to play again!
   AREA42 also looks to offer some of the best "mature audience" anime we can get our hands on!*  Some selections may not be suitable for younger viewers, and will only be available after 6:00 pm.  Some movies may also be rated 'R' for violence, language, and partial nudity.  
*No X-Rated movies are permitted on the premises of AREA42. All mature anime will be within the law.